Management of the organization are strategic entrepreneurs with strong business acumen. The business boasts a strong and diverse skill set amongst the staff which contributes to our excellence in quality. We ensure that our staff starts the day motivated so they are geared for maximum productivity. We have established strategic partnerships with various corporates in order to complement and leverage additional resources. Part of the company`s long-term objectives in terms of business growth and sustainability is the commitment to world class service, through an entrenched culture of excellence both internally and to our customers.


Isaac is the Managing Director with extensive experience exceeding 15 years in the FMCG, Transport, Logistic and Sales management fields. He holds a Diploma in Customer Service & Business. His entrepreneurial flair has played a critical role in developing and deploying some of the cutting edge innovative offerings to niche markets. Isaac subscribes to the “Well done is better than well said” maxim, something which has led to the entire workforce committed to offering the best of their efforts in ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction, through timeous delivery and effective after sales support.