Refractory lined components and vessels play an important role in the overall running and integrity of all major process industries, should installed REFRACTORY linings fail then these process units will have to be shutdown to carry out repairs which at the end of the day puts the Owner/Client out of production and losing millions of Rands each day.

We at Trident believe that Refractory installation’s or repairs to these process units should be installed with the highest level of quality workmanship, whilst closely following the owners/clients specifications, drawings and requirement. With our specialised team of experienced industry related employees , we are known for our advanced developments with in the refractory industry.

Trident has a huge network of industry related professionals , that we work with to ensure that installation and demolition of any refractory is performed within deadline.

Trident Refractory Specialists offers all the following services to its clients.

  1. Robotic Demolition of refractory lined systems
  2. Removal and reinstating of refractory Anchor System in accordance with the clients specifications or requirements
  3. Ceramic fibre linings
  4. Supply and installation of monolithic refractory linings
  5. Supply and installation of specialised shaped refractory linings i.e. bricks & precast shapes
  6. Thermal dry out of refractory lined vessel by our specialist Dry out sub contractor

Refractory Demolition

Demolition of Refractory Linings to Industrial Process Units is carried out using the latest advanced technology in robotic demolition equipment. These robotic controlled machines are specifically designed to work in confined spaces and may be used for many types of demolition activities as follows:

  • ·         Breakout of Castable & Brickwork to Rotary Cement Kilns
  • ·         De slagging & breaking out Refractories to Metal Ladles when its still hot
  • ·         Break Out of Tap Holes under hot working conditions
  • ·         Break Out of Industrial Processing Furnaces mainly Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces & Arc Furnaces
  • ·         Specialised Controlled demolition of Chimney stacks on specifically designed working platforms

These machines minimise the risk of injuries to workers working in confined spaces by replacing a large demolition crew to one machine & operator which is remotely operated at a safe distance from the machine and breaking areas.

Refractory Anchor Systems

Trident Refractory Specialists currently employs their own in house welders which we have been trained & certified to weld all types of refractory anchors. Trident offers services ranging from simple supplies of anchors to full turn key services which involves the detailed design and planning of anchoring systems that are installed by our own team of industry related welders.

Refractory Installation

Trident Refractory Specialists has an exceptional  refractory installation team who are experienced in all fields of installation methods whether it be gunning, casting, Vibracasting, pneumatic ramming, high alumina & carbon brick lining installations, ceramic fibre & modular linings. Tridents is able to repair, maintain and install all refractory in the related industries . With safety and quality being our key concern on all sites, We carry out periodic training on our installers implementing new installation methods and techniques that are used on a global scale.

Trident uses a wide range of Installation technology products which helps to ensure the correct process of refractory installation in a rotary kiln.

  • Bricking Rig

Trident utilises their own Bricking Rig on all our Kiln Jobs. This is essential for safe kiln and furnace lining works. This installation system is an easy lightweight contraption that is easy to assemble within the kiln The use of the Rig makes for a reliable and efficient method of Kiln lining. The Rig consist of an movable arch that is fitted with pneumatic pistons that are used to press the brick up against the kiln shell. The rig has a well illuminated working area which creates a safe working space for our team. The Rig is seen as a reliable method which promotes high productivity for bricking within the Kiln.

  • Radialign

A Device that ensure that the brickwork installed is “radially aligned”. The Benefit of this device is to ensure precise installation of each row of bricks, which is vital for longer brick life within the Kiln.  The Radialign machine generates a continuous laser light parallel to the kiln’s axis, intercepted by a rotating pentaprism device, the Radialign refracts the laser line perpendicular onto the kiln shell’s circumference. Points along the kiln can then be marked and used as exact references for brick installation as well as setting a new nose ring.

  • Conveyor system

Trident utilises their conveyor system  The portability and easy set up of the conveyor systems makes it a must have on most jobs. The Hydraulic Conveyor is designed in such a way that promotes for trouble free performance, the use of the conveyor is for the transportation of material into and out of a rotary kiln or furnace, minimising any risk of our workers.

  • Linometer

This device measures the lining thickness within the kiln without having to drill holes into the lining, which ends up consuming alot time. The Linometer XLNT needs a small patch of coating to be scraped from the brick surface in the kiln for you to measure lining thickness with up to 99% accuracy. It takes just seconds to get a correct reading. You can measure a whole section of a kiln in less than 30 minutes. Because of this quick and non-destructive method, We are able to make more measurements, more often. This gives you a truly accurate picture of the kiln lining’s condition, and lets Trident plan and rationalize the lining replacement.

Precast Refractory Shapes

Trident also specializes in the manufacturing of Precast Refractory Shapes . Trident can produce a wide array of precast refractory shapes using a variety of refractory materials

All shapes can be fabricated either off site or on site under controlled conditions producing the precast shapes that you need. Utilizing precast Refractory shapes makes the installation method a lot faster and easier.

Refractory Material Supply

Trident currently stocks a variety of refractory products for your high temperature refractory needs.

Our stock consists of:

  • Refractory Castable and Gunning Material
  • Refractory Shaped Bricks
  • refractory Precast Shapes
  • Ceramic Fibre Insulation (Blankets, Web tapes, Ropes and Cladding)
  • Stainless steel Anchors
  • Anchor Bricks & Claws

For more information Contact our Materials Manager Reggie Pillay or call on 031 785 2100

Shotcretting/ Pump casting

Shotcrete products make for easy installation with the right equipment and can significantly reduce the required amount of direct field labour. Cost & duration of breakdowns & shutdowns are minimised due to the fact that high volume installation rates can be achieved. Installation rates of up to 80 tonne per shift can be achieved with good working equipment.

Less downtime means more Production, More Production means more Profits….



Advantages of Shotcreteing

  • Minimal Dusting
  • Minimal Curing Time
  • Minaimal Laminations
  • Minamal Formwork
  • Can be Placed in difficult areas
  • Can be Trimmed and contoured for hours after placement ( varies materials only)
  • Can be Pumped for long distances

Refractory Inspection Services

Trident offers qualified personnel, who have knowledge of installation, inspection, testing and repair of refractory linings. It provides the industry with a prequalified set of individuals prepared for the job and readily identifies those who are qualified to do the job. Tridents inspectors are API 936 Certified inspectors that can carry out inspection services during Shutdown and Turnarounds